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Today, medicine can treat almost any known disease while only a century ago people died from a simple common cold. Nevertheless, in order to benefit from the progress making nearly all diseases curable we have to follow several rules. First of all, in order not to overlook any disease that can develop without any visible symptoms, we have to undergo regular medical checkups. Such checkups as blood and urine tests, ultrasound of gastrointestinal tract organs, and x-ray of lungs can show even the slightest negative changes in your body. Such indices in the hands of a professional doctor can be a trigger to perform deeper tests in order to identify or exclude serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and others.

Secondly, without being diagnosed by a qualified doctor, you should not start any treatment course. Incorrect diagnosis or self-diagnosis may cause you to use medicines that not only will not help you treat the disease, but can even worsen it and lead to complications and death.

Thirdly, if you do not undergo checkups at least once semiannually, do not postpone a visit to your doctor if you experience any ailment. Any symptoms even a bit increased daily fatigue or fluctuations of weight without changes in diet need medical attention. If you neglect the symptoms, you can develop a complication. Unfortunately, visits to doctors and checkups are quite expensive in the United States. But remember, the more you postpone the visit, the more costly the treatment can become.

Fourthly, when you already have a diagnosis, you should start the treatment recommended by your doctor immediately. Once again, the delays can only make it worse. Do not change the course prescribed by your doctor in order to save on pills. Never stop the treatment course before it is complete even if you feel better sooner. Some of the medicines can relieve symptoms but the complete elimination of disease requires longer treatment course than needed to fight the symptoms. This is especially important for chronic diseases.

With all said above, we can conclude that an effective treatment is pretty expensive. However, it is not quite true. Naturally, there are some aspects on which you cannot save. For example, visits to doctors and tests. Fortunately, you can save on medicines while receiving the same effect and safety level. In order to do so, you should opt for generic medicines instead of the brand ones prescribed by your doctor. They are not sold at the regular drugstores but you can find them at our or other online pharmacy. Note that they are not sold in the USA not because they are counterfeit or of poor quality. There are other reasons. You can find out more about generic medicines reading further.

What are generic medicines sold at online pharmacies and how are they different from the brand drugs?

Generic medicines are sold not only at the online pharmacies as you may think. These medicines are used all over the world. However, in some countries, they cannot be found. For example, if in the United States there is a drug based on tetracycline that is already registered for 20 years, other manufacturers of the same drug can find it unprofitable to enter the monopolized market with their product spending millions of dollars on clinical tests namely for the U.S., advertising, and promotion. This doesn't mean that generic medicines are not tested. In order for them to be released on the market, their manufacturers are obliged to show sufficient evidence to healthcare authorities in the country or countries where they plan to sell their products. Only after the government approves the drugs they can be marketed in the country. Therefore, when you buy a generic drug from an online pharmacy such as 4rx shop, you can be sure that it was clinically tested and approved in one or more likely several countries.

According to the World Health Organization, generic medicines are identical to brand drugs with the same active substance to that indicated below the trade name of the generic medicine. The WHO even promotes the spread of generic medicines as they are more accessible to various groups of people with different levels of income. The organization even obliges the creators of new medicines to register their discoveries in such a way that other pharmaceutical companies will not be sued if they start making the same products. In this situation, why would you need to pay more for the same drug?

Naturally, there are various regulations to protect brand medicines creators from the competition of less expensive generics. Namely due to this reason majority of generic drugs are not available at the regular drugstores in the United States. However, you can still buy them if you opt for online purchase of the drugs you need.

4rx shop is an online pharmacy specializing in various generic medicines of the best quality and from the reputable manufacturers. We are situated outside the U.S., therefore, we can sell the medicines registered in our country and not registered in America. Buying drugs at 4rx shop, you virtually buy the medicines outside the U.S. Doing so you can benefit not only from the lower prices but also buy some of the prescription medicines without having a prescription. Do not worry, it is absolutely legal. Such policy of our online pharmacy is possible and is working perfectly because in the country our office is situated in the medicines that are prescription-only in America are allowed to be sold without a prescription.

How to buy the generic drug you need from 4rx shop?

First of all, find out your precise diagnosis. Secondly, get a prescription or recommendation from your doctor on the medicines you need to take, dosage regimen, and the length of the treatment course. Knowing all these, you can look for the name of the drug you need at our online drugstore. Using our search engine, you will find the generic versions of the drug you need in different dosages. Choose the one that corresponds to your doctor recommendation and suits your budget, and hit "order" button.

If you face any difficulties finding the generic medicine you need or placing an order at our online pharmacy, you can always count on our pharmacists and customer support managers.

Brand vs generic medicines and online pharmacies

Online pharmacies gain more and more audience. And it's not surprising since they sell the same drugs as your local drugstores but significantly cheaper. If you are not familiar with the benefits of an online purchase of medicines, we will gladly enlighten you.

First of all, you need to be prepared that online pharmacies commonly sell generic drugs. Do not be turned off, generic medicines are used all over the world and the reasons behind them not being registered in the U.S. are commercial exclusively.

Secondly, in order to find the right generic medicine, you need to know precisely the active substance of the brand drug your doctor prescribed. You can look for the medicine using its brand name, but to be sure that you will get the right result use the active substance for the search. Do not forget also to compare the dosage per pill of the brand drug with the generic version not to order the wrong dose.

Thirdly, to buy generic drugs at an online pharmacy, you don't even need a prescription. Of course, it is always preferable to use any drugs after your doctor told you to do so but online pharmacies such as 4rx shop won't ask you for a prescription. It is not a crime since the pharmacy is situated in the country where the majority of American prescription-only drugs are issued without a prescription.